• MObq

    MObq offers mobile based patient- and consumer-centered health (m-health) solutions targeted at diverse subject groups (woman, teens, parents, diabetics, obese, etc.). Our services are primarily aimed at fulfilling current unmet needs and challenges of patients/ consumers as well as other stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem such as doctors, hospitals, diagnostic laboratories and pharmaceutical companies.

    Stakeholder Challenges/ Needs
    Patients Consumers Doctors Pharma/ OTC Hospitals
    Therapy Challenges Lack of Information Treatment Compliance Non Adherence/ Drop outs Patient catchment
    Pill Concerns / Unanswered queries Unanswered Queries Clinical decision Tools Refill Leakage Patient Query load
    Compliance reminders/ assistance Accessibility to credible healthcare information / services Time availability Brand confusion & Brand shifts Patient Retention
    Coping assistance Cost of Healthcare services Patient relationship management Benefit /Quality misperceptions Extended patient services

    These portfolios of services/ products are provided across various mobile platforms (SMS, USSD, IVR & Apps) and have Push-based, Pull-based and Interactive components. Some of our services are presently available across India through partnership with different mobile networks.

    Our clients can leverage BioQuest's healthcare domain knowledge & MObq's mobility expertise to derive the following benefits:

    Context & objective specific service design & delivery

    English & regional content development across therapeutic segments

    Multi-technology delivery platforms

    Customizable module repository for low cost & rapid deployment

    Integration of multiple stakeholders and data sources

    Effective campaign measurement Tools & analytics

  • deTab

    deTab is a unique technology product for iPad and Android tablets that enhances Rep Efficiency and optimizes Product Detailing & Doctor Engagement through use of new media and technologies. It also enables the Marketing team to analyze and design specific promotional strategies.

    While being a proprietary solution to address marketing needs, deTab has a modular structure with CMS support and can provide analytics and usage reports. It has unique features such as doctor-visit history, profiling, customization of VA, images, reprint gallery, videos, multi-choices and rapid switching.

    deTab addresses the needs of medical representatives and the doctors they visit.

    Needs Of Med reps Addressed

    Inadequate time given to Reps by Doctors (average 2-5 mins)

    High patient load

    Limited value perception of interactions

    Generic Communication

    Lack of targeted communication

    Inability to modulate pitch based on Dr's interest & need

    Poor doctor attention span

    Repeated detailing of same subject/ communication

    Similar detailing by competition/ other Reps

    Use of same/ similar in-clinic deliverables

    Poor/ limited scientific discussion

    Limited scientific understanding

    Inadequate communication skills

    Insufficient product/ skills training

    Limited training sessions (Induction/ Quarterly cycle meetings)

    Multiple product launches in short span

    Analytics Provided

    Activity Report

    Doctor coverage map

    Call reports - daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly

    iPad App Utilization Report

    Doctor preference trends

    VA page runtime/ page interaction counts

    Video playtime trends

    Module usage Time/ trends

    Poll response rates/ Dr attitudes

    Doctor Engagement Report

    Doctor Requests/ Request status report

    Marketing Communication Reports

    Communication/ Brand Recall

    Needs of Doctors Addressed

    Quality Scientific Communication

    Clear & concise



    Depth of Information instantly

    Provide full depth of information when needed

    Instant responses rather than after 1-2 weeks

    "Tell me what I want to hear"

    Info not centered only to products/ brands

    Targeted communication based on areas of interest

    Crisp, thus not taking too much time

    Interesting ways of presenting data

    New medium

    New formats

    Organization Benefits

    The benefits to the Pharma/ Devices/ Healthcare/ FMHG Company are numerous and include:

    Instant Time to Market

    App development, testing & deployment

    Greater Choice of medico-marketing Tools

    Ready Tools bouquet

    View of Big Picture

    Campaign, brand movement, brand/ communication recall

    Dr mindsets & engagement, competition

    Greater Transparency

    Campaigns, Dr interactions

    Coverage, promotion effectiveness


    Printing, replications & logistics

    Select & pay as you go


    Content revisions, layouts, app development, content deployment