Etrewo, a technology platform coupled with BioQuest’s specialized services, enables biopharmaceutical teams to conduct large-scale Post-commercialization studies, facilitating efficient data capturing and generation of real-time reports in real-world settings. The resultant data forms the backbone of value demonstration for new-age marketing teams by enabling them to arm physicians/ decision-makers with evidence-based trends and interpretations.

Etrewo is customizable to jump-start a multitude of ‘late phase’ studies like registries, investigator-initiated studies, epidemiological studies, post marketing surveillances and a host of observational studies with its intuitive interface and automated cues with modular access. HIPAA and ePHI compliances have made this service-solution a product of choice for some of the world’s largest biopharmaceutical companies.

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Eptral is a digital training asset service-solution managing complex curriculum, training materials and evaluation tools for both internal as well as external stakeholders. It allows the training functions of our clients to create, track, manage and circulate learning collaterals. It allows unprecedented reach, coupled with scale & flexibility of learning for not just sales, but also for medical affairs, marketing, compliance, and other internal stakeholders.

Eptral can blend various formats of training together for effective total learning solution with multi-lingual ability. Its customized accessibility over multiple devices across regions coupled with intuitive participative engagement has made it a popular learning solution in the regulated pharmaceutical/ biotech industry.

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QSights is a smart Insights Generation & Analytics (IGA) platform that empowers Marketing and Medical Affairs teams in the Life Sciences industry to steer their scientific marketing/ medical strategies effectively. It is a powerful cloud-based tool available as a SaaS (Software as a Service), that has the ability to Collect and Crunch volumes of data to generate, often oblivious and hidden, actionable insights & trends.

The integrated solution enabled by BioQuest’s domain experts allows customers to discover relationships and their relative strengths that are then envisaged in a dynamic dashboard, fired by an intuitive reporting studio. It is an easy-to-use, no servers, no licenses, no IT costs, 24X7 online platform to build multiple intelligent survey questionnaires (in multiple languages), push them across channels, receive on-the-go responses and display near real-time analysis, for informed decisions.

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